Study Habits for Success!

After high school, you start a new phase in your life. Going to college can be hard for different reasons. One reason is the challenge of having to pass your classes. At University of Cincinnati, you will find different resources and places where you can go and study. Personally, I think that for each class you should pay attention and after the class review what you learn. As a student, it would be helpful if you create a study habit according to your personality and how you learn faster. Here are some study habits that may fit you:

Create and Rewrite your Notes:

Some people find that writing things down such as notes or exercises will help them to memorize and understand better the concept or topic.

Find the Right Environment:  

University of Cincinnati has many different places to study, such as the Langsam Library where each floor is quieter than the one before. It offers study rooms where you and your friends can study as a group without being distracted. Some study rooms are located in Carl H. Lindner College of Business, UC’s College of Engineering and Applied Science, Zimmer Hall, and many others place where you can book rooms with your friends for a group project or study session. If you go to this link you will find the website for booking.

Efficient Organization:

After choosing where to study, you should organize your homework and tests that you might have by which one is due first, so you are not late for submission.

Time Management:

You should create a schedule every week so you can follow this schedule as your itinerary for each day. It does not have to be perfect but to try to organize it so you can dedicate time for everything like your family, college, friends, clubs or organization you will be involved.

The Right Mix of Goals and Motivation:

You should balance your life. Going out with your friends or being part of a club or organization will help you distract your mind from studying. Don’t over study, take time for yourself so you can concentrate more in your classes and have healthy balance in your life.

At the University of Cincinnati, you will find great places and ways to balance your social life and study life. They offer you the necessary tools for you to be healthy mentally and physically, 

I hope you find this helpful!

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