UC’s Experienced-based Learning

The University of Cincinnati offers an experience-based learning and career education, which means if you become a UC student, you will have professional job experience by the time you graduate. This will set you apart from all other job candidates when you graduate.

There are five fields of career based learning experiences:

  • Co-op: In co-ops students work for professional employers who offer them professional development and experience that applies to their field of study. While working a co-op, students don’t pay tuition and earn approximately $10,000. Students in all majors in the College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) and the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP) are required to participate. Students in the Linder College of Business (LCB) and Communication program in the College of Arts & Science (A&S) have the option to participate. Students in the IT program in the College of Education, Criminal Justice, & Human Services (CECH) are also required to participate.


  • Internship Programs: Students who choose to participate in internships have access to a variety of professional development courses and services to prepare for and secure academic internships in their field. Students can also earn credit for their internships through our office. It’s a great opportunity for all students in any major  who aren’t required to do co-ops.


  • Research: An inquiry or investigation that occurs under the guidance of a faculty mentor and makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline. Some research experiences are paid, but most students register their Undergraduate Research experience for course credit.


  • International Experiential Learning or Study Abroad programs: International experience-based learning encompasses academic internships, cooperative education, research, and service-learning opportunities abroad.  International experiential learning allows students to apply theoretical classroom knowledge in a real-world setting, enabling them to gain a better understanding of a given field in a global context.


Service Learning: Service Learning (SL) is a specially designed learning experience in which students combine reflection with structured participation in community-based projects to achieve specified learning outcomes as part of an academic course and/or program requirement. Service-learning courses are offered in every college at UC.Picture5.png

Since I am in an Architecture program I have to complete three co-ops starting from my fourth semester in order for me to graduate. I have had two co-ops so far, one in Columbus and the second in Seattle, and they have been amazing experiences. I am looking forward for the third one in this upcoming summer semester.

Best of luck future Bearcats !!

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