International Students and US Law

When I started at UC, I took some biology courses since that was something I did in my Indian high school. Soon after that I changed my major to Business Economics and I also added a certificate course in legal studies. Finally, I have talked to my adviser to change my major to finance and settled in. I know this sounds pretty crazy but that is something I have always valued in me. I have a lot of interests: personal finance, world economies, arts, and law.

Finance helps with my objective interests and the subjective courses of legal studies aid my artsy curiosity. In the future I would like to work in the financial industry before going to a law school in the United States. Yes! I would like to go to law school.

As I mentioned, I have always been interested in the subject related to arts and I think law fits perfectly in that criteria. I researched and thought a lot about it before concluding on the subject. As an international student I will need to aim for the top law schools in the country and work accordingly. I will need a really high Grade Point Average (GPA) and I will also need a flashy LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) score. Along with the statistics, which are primary, I will also need distinct extra-curriculars that can help my application to stand out. These are the three main things that I have been focusing on throughout my time at UC and I am surprised by the options available for people so rare like me.

I have signed up for the pre-professional advising service which is available for people who would like to get into the medical and law fields. My adviser has been very helpful as she has provided me with a ton of resources to look forward to as I have some restrictions as an international student. Some of my extra-curricular activities include being involved with the student government and volunteering at a variety of places to gain some good experience.

I agree that it becomes increasingly difficult to get a high GPA but I have been working towards it with the help of my instructors and teaching assistants. I think the teaching assistants really know the students well as they have been through the whole process that is why they are really good at giving tips and trips to ace the course. And the professor is always good for chatting about day-to-day concepts and theories.

I have not yet met a person who is international and he/she would like to pursue law in the United States, but I am definitely hoping to find one. All in all, there are a lot of resources that UC offers to people who like pursue paths as unique as mine. If you are interested in the same path as me, I am happy to help.

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