Campus Resources

Going to college can be scary as you are leaving your beloved family, your high school friends to go to a total new environment with people you haven’t even met before, new classes, new schedule. However, University of Cincinnati does offer a lot of resources to help you to succeed during your time here.

Academic Advisors and Career Coaches

They are the people who have the second-most impact in your college life besides YOU and they will be with you throughout your college career. You can talk to your academic advisor about all the questions and concerns about your academic path. It is a good thing to develop a good connection with your academic advisors because they are technically your second parents. Career coach is here to help you find your coops and internships and they help you to develop yourself professionally during your time at UC. They really want to see you success so don’t be shy and say hi to them!

Student Organizations and Clubs

Tailgating with IPALs

One of the best ways to be involved on campus and make friends is to join some student organizations. UC is home to over 400 student organizations for different interests from cultural organizations, sport clubs to even professional clubs. In the beginning of every semester, there will be an organization fair for you to explore and find different options. I am a part of a cultural awareness organization called I-cats where I learned about different cultures, I am also a part of IPALs which is short for International Partners and Leaders. We host lots of meet-ups and help with larger events UC International hosts. Check out our facebook.

The Learning Commons and Student Wellness Center

The Learning Commons is where you can find support academically. A lot of students take advantage of this to build confidence and get support with challenging classes. On the other side, Student Wellness Center provides students with resources related to various health and wellness topic. Students can find support with mental health issue at Student Wellness Center. Both of them are free for students!!

You are not alone, there are so many opportunity and amazing people out there waiting for you! I hope you all find this helpful.

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