A Life-Changing Experience as a Volunteer at Cincinnati Children’s

From the day I sealed my application in an envelope and dropped it off at the postal service, I was excited to start something new. An advantage of being a pre-med student at the University of Cincinnati is having the independence and dedication to use the resources around the area. 

Cincinnati Children’s is ranked #3 on the Best Children’s Hospitals Honor Roll with a Level 4 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and ranked #6 in pediatric cancer. Cincinnati Children’s is known to support the most critically ill kids, and being able to put the badge and volunteer shirt on makes me so proud. I love helping people, and when it comes to kids, I am beyond happy to make even the smallest difference. My main reason for wanting to come to UC was to be a part of the CCHMC (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center) group, and as just a first-year student, I am glad to be.

Being a volunteer at Children’s does not only take hard skills like communication and patient interaction; it also takes a strong mind and big heart to bear the worried looks of the kids and their families. I was assigned to the Cancer and Blood Disease Institute and so I play and talk to patients with pediatric cancer, blood diseases, and even recipients of blood marrow transplants. My outlook has changed since starting my weekly shift and it is in moments like those that we realize how grateful we are. 

This experience was possible due to the knowledge I have accumulated, the proximity of the hospital, and most importantly, my dedication to the medical field. 

I highly recommend pre-med students to think about volunteering if you know you are strong enough. I wish you the best of luck.

Don’t hesitate to also email me if you have any questions at all! 

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