How a Bearcat Card Helps you at UC

Bearcat cards are the official student ID for students who go to the University of Cincinnati. Many of first year students who often live on campus with an unlimited meal plan will get the benefit of having $150 added to your Bearcat card each semester. Bearcat cards are a flexible way for students to enjoy some of the benefits that campus has to offer, as well as restaurants in Clifton that surround campus. Many restaurants in the area will also give you 10% off of your purchase if you pay with a Bearcat card, so be sure to use it often!


You get to use your Bearcat card to do laundry in the dorms, it usually cost you about $2.50 per week so by the end of the semester, you will probably just spend about $70 for your laundry and the good thing is, you can pay with your Bearcat card!


Printing is also another way to use your Bearcat card, however, paper is inexpensive so it would cost you only about 7 cents for a one-page print. I go to the library on campus and swipe my Bearcat card to print assignments and readings for class. If you are in the engineering program, you can even get to print pretty much for free.


Restaurants are the best feature that having Bearcat cards can bring you. You get to eat good foods while hanging out with friends and get to use your Bearcat card to pay. My favorite restaurants around UC campus so far must be Canes, Chipotle, and BiBiBop.


Another great thing you can use your Bearcat card for is buying groceries. You can use it at Kroger to buy your favorite snacks or even at CVS to get some medications if you are not feeling too well. One of the instances I know about a wise way to use your Bearcat card is someone saving up all the money in the Bearcat cards and buying Airpods at the end of the school year!!

With all its features, Bearcat cards can really help you out with your first year of college. College is expensive, especially when you don’t have a job yet your freshman year so it can be a good way for help you to have fun but not worry. It helps to manage your money.

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