What I Spend on Nutritious Food

Food is a part of every individual’s culture, and so why does it have to change when you start a new chapter of your life? Fueling your body is the most important routine you can choose to partake in; and so I decided that coming to university here, I would start a new adventure. An advantage of having a dorm with a mini kitchen is that I can meal prep for the week, bake dessert, cook up some lunch, or even start my day with homemade oats and berries. I was worried about getting my groceries because Kroger is a 15 minute walk from my dorm but as I am not familiar with the area, that walk makes me nervous. My family and I have an Amazon Prime membership and one day as we sat at home and got the last minute dorm essentials; we discovered that Whole Foods delivers to certain location. So, I moved into my dorm and tried it out, it was a revelation; and from that day on, my Sundays consist of dorm cleaning, homework, and meal prep. 

Whole Foods is an organic/health food store that offers plenty of options of produce, bakery items, snacks, deli, and pre-prepped meals. There is a ‘Prime Now” app that is available for free to download. On the app you can search for anything you desire and simply add the items into your cart; once you finish, you select your delivery address and time of delivery. You have now completed the first step to eating healthy! 

I know that a common question about ordering groceries is: “isn’t it expensive?” Well, the price of organic ingredients won’t be low, but Whole Foods always has new deals and package bundles on certain items. Aside from the deals, you are able to get free delivery if your order is above $35.00. I also believe that hearty and nutritious food is not going to come at a low price and the energizing and satisfying feeling of cooking a whole meal is worth it. 

But, I do understand your concern and so I will give you a few prices to compare. 

Sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, and grilled chicken: 

  • Sweet potato:
    • x6 Sweet potato jewel conventional. $0.89 per pound= 7.6741 pounds/ $6.83
  • Brussel sprouts: 
    • x1 Bag- brussel sprouts trimmed conventional. $2.99
  • Grilled chicken: 
    • x4 Chicken breast boneless skinless non-GMO. $4.99 per pound/ $9.98

Serving size: 

  • Half the bag of brussel sprouts ($1.495) + 2 sweet potatoes ($2.276) + 1 chicken breast ($2.495) 
    • A total of $6.266 for a nutritious home cooked meal 

This new routine has changed my lifestyle and mindset and I hope it makes a difference in your experience too. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. 

Good luck cooking.

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