What I Enjoy About Living On Campus

I am an international student who had never visited Cincinnati before coming to UC. The university mandates that freshmen live on-campus in their housing units for the first year of school. I live in Schneider Hall with 3 other students. I am glad they made that rule because, based on my experience, living on campus gives you many opportunities as a first-year student. I will go through them in this post! 

1. Countless Opportunities to Meet New People

It is important to have lots of relationships with people because this can help you in the future, both socially and professionally! Personally, I’m still trying to meet new people but from the very beginning of the year, it was my first priority to make connections. Now, I feel more comfortable going somewhere on campus because wherever I go, I meet my friends there and I talk to them. You don’t feel lonely if you know that there are people who you can talk to and support you somehow! We are all one big “Bearcat Family”!  

2. Proximity to Student Activities 

There is a huge variety of activities that are running on campus, both entertaining and professional ones. Some people say that campus is over-programmed and it really is because there are lots of organizations that you can join. UC has over 500 student organizations, so you will always have events to attend. Again, by joining these organizations, you are able to meet new people, strengthen your interpersonal skills, as well as learn skills based on what the organization specializes in. 

3. Ability to Save Yourself Time 

This is a view from my window. As you can see LCB is really close to my dorm

Time is valuable for all of us. Based on my experience here, the biggest advantage when you live in the dorms is the time saved getting to everything you need. Easy walking distance to campus services, labs, classrooms, libraries, athletic facilities, etc. so no commuting hassles! There is no need for you to have a car to commute and find parking for, especially during the cold season of the year. Additionally, many dorms have dining halls in the same building, so you won’t even have to step outside to get something to eat if you don’t want to! 

4. Resources When I Need Them 

Along with everything I have listed above, there are several other advantages as well, namely keeping up to date with all the events and changes on campus, 24-hour front desk service for help, opportunity to have your personal mailbox to receive all important mail, laundry facilities in each residence hall, safety, and so many other things! 

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