My Favorite Attractions in Cincinnati

Cincinnati, also known as the Queen City, is located on the banks of the Ohio River and on the southern border of the state of Ohio. Cincinnati has a great influence of the beautiful 19th century architecture and it is home to many modern buildings as well. Some my favorite places to visit downtown are the Cincinnati Art Museum and the Contemporary Arts Centerwhich showcase both historical and modern artifacts respectively. 

  • Photos are from Cincinnati Art Museum and The Contemporary Art Center.

University of Cincinnati’s main campus is located close to the downtown area and I live in on-campus housing called University Park Apartments. Being so close to downtown, I have been to the area quite often. Every time I make sure to visit Washington Park, which is in the middle of the trendy neighborhood, Over the Rhine. The park has beautiful landscaping and water fountains, which give me a soothing vibe.

A nice place to relax is Bellevue Hill Park which is just a short walk from campus; when I get there, I enjoy some magnificent city views of Cincinnati. We have also had many late nights when we just go to the bank of the Ohio River and play cards at Smale Park. 

Another great place to experience is King’s Island Amusement Park, which is one of the best places I have ever visited. The thrill rides and roller coasters will leave anyone breathless. The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden is another optimal choice to spend time on a bright summer day. The Zoo is one of the most sustainable in the country!

  • Photo 1: Hiking at Bass Island Park
  • Photo 2: Bass Island Park
  • Photo 3: Bellevue Hill Park
  • Photo 4 and 5: Cincinnati botanical garden
  • Photo 6 and 7: A 4th of July celebration at Riverbend
  • Photo 8 and 9: Cincinnati Zoo

Just like many other students, I did not come to UC with a full wardrobe of clothing and since then, I have visited many shopping malls, from Kenwood mall to the outlet center. These malls offer a great variety of choices to fit mostly every taste in fashion. Whenever my friends and I go shopping, we make a whole day of it, as these malls are surrounded by great restaurants. 

I am a genuine foodie, I really love food. I have been to dozens of places in Cincinnati and have had a ton of flavors that I never had the chance to taste before. Some of my favorite restaurants are Olive Garden, Adeep India, and Buffalo Wild Wings. But the best thing is that the last two are near UC. Next to campus there is a street called Calhoun, which is filled with restaurants that serve various ethnic cuisines. You can find anything you’re craving all within a short distance of campus. 

  • Photo 1 : Moonrise Doughnuts
  • Photo 2: Cactus Pear
  • Photo 3: Olive Garden
  • Photo 4: Country Pumpkins event with UC International
  • Photo 5 and 6: Olive Garden
  • Photo 7 : Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Photo 8: Pieology Pizzeria

 In general, Cincinnati is a diverse and multi-cultural city with lots of places to explore.  Come see for yourself!

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