Exchange in Chiba University!

God, I love UC International so much. I am saying it not because I work here, but because I have gained so many great experiences from UC International.

This past summer, I joined the study abroad program in Chiba University which lasts for two weeks. It was a fun, challenging, and informative experience. During the program, I got to travel around several tourist attractions in Japan, take classes on Japanese culture and literature, engage in various cultural activities provided by Chiba University (for example, making sushi, watch opera, and try on Yukata, a traditional Japanese clothing), discuss certain cultural topics with Japanese students, have a meditation session in a Zen monastery, and stay in a host family for a weekend.

I have gained a full range of cultural experiences through this faculty-led study abroad program.

It was lovely to meet up some of my friends from UC. Seeing someone whom I was familiar with released a lot of pressure I felt from being in a strange land thousands miles away from home. Btw, my Japanese is by no means good enough for me to communicate with the local. Plus, having friends all around the world is just an amazing feeling to have > <. My Japanese friends were so friendly and welcoming. They showed me around their hometown and took me to different restaurants and cafes.

There are so many precious memories I have gained from this trip. And, I am ready for my next study abroad experience with UC International~

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