Three (relatively) Healthy Dorm Meals

We’ve talked about being healthy time and again, but it can be difficult, especially as a first-year college student with a whole array of options in the cafeteria. Also, having only a microwave and fridge in your dorm room is a pretty significant hurdle when it comes to cooking and eating healthy food.

Here are some quick, easy and relatively healthy meals that you can easily make in your dorm room.

Get some microwaveable oatmeal, fresh fruit and one of Pranita’s must-have bowls, and microwave the oatmeal with milk or water. Now you have yourself a nutritious breakfast that will keep you going for a few hours!
Topping ideas: fresh fruit, nuts, peanut butter, chocolate spread – the options are endless!

sliced fruit and kiwi on plate

I love making sandwiches because they are so easy to switch up every time! Depending on what you are feeling like on the day, you could do different spreads, cheese, meats and vegetables. My personal favorite is one with avocado, tomatoes and pepper-jack cheese…

assorted foods

Making yourself some breakfast/healthy snack can’t get easier than this.
Cue one of those infamous microwaveable bowls again, and you now have the power to make scrambled, soft-cooked or hard cooked eggs.

I hope these ideas are helpful on the days where you really don’t want to go to the cafeteria and eat the food there.

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