How I transitioned into the University Honors Program, and why you should too –

The Honors Program is a program at the University of Cincinnati that comprises of students the top 7% . The program focuses on experiential learning under five “pillars” – global studies, creativity, research, community service and leadership.

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The key here is that the honors program does not just look at GPA and academic performance. They care more about your holistic growth as a student and a human.

Around 300 first years are offered admission into honors with their UC acceptance letters every year. But don’t worry if you weren’t one of them, because you can still join the honors program.

I learned about the program only after I came to UC, and I really wanted to be a part of it since I wanted to be recognized for more than my academics and get connected to more opportunities where I could develop those skills. I met with an honors adviser who supported me through the application process and also made me realize how awesome the program itself is!

These are some of the benefits:

UHP opens up ‘transition’ applications late fall semester every year. Be sure to check out their timeline so you don’t miss out!

I think every student who wants to go beyond the classroom and explore sides of them that are more than their major should consider applying to the Honors program. It is a program that unlocks a lot of opportunities that you might not get otherwise!

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