Volunteering with Butterflies!

I was looking for an interesting volunteer opportunity (mostly because I needed to complete my scholarship hours for the year), and I came across something to do with butterflies and Krohn’s Conservatory! Immediately registered.

Krohn’s Conservatory is an extension of Cincinnati Parks, and they have a butterfly show every year during the spring-summer season. It’s an amazing experience, with all kinds of butterflies just fluttering around you in flashes of bright blues and oranges!

I went two weekends in a row, and I was in charge of making sure visitors knew the guidelines before they went into the butterfly show, and catching any butterflies that went rogue.

It was a fun time – meeting different kinds of people and exercising my crowd control abilities. At the end, they even gave me a few free passes! I can’t wait to go back to spend a good few hours staring at butterflies again *_*

There are a lot of opportunities to volunteer in the University of Cincinnati and around. Last week, Yi volunteered to be an Easter Bunny and she was beyond adorable! Whether it’s for your scholarship or just for self-satisfaction, you can go over to www.volunteer.uc.edu to check out all current needs for volunteers!

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