Living On-Campus

I have been living on campus for the last 3 years, so I think I am a pretty credible source to write this blog post. I know that living on-campus can be more expensive, but I think it is worth it, especially for freshmen. Here are some pros of living on-campus.

  • Proximity: Living on-campus means you’re on campus all the time. You’re closer to your classes, to on-campus events, to the dining halls, to the library, you name it. Sometimes I like being able to roll out of bed 20 minutes before class starts, grabbing something to-go at the dining halls, and making it to class on time. It’s also nice to be able to go to club meetings easily, drop by any events, and such. I also feel like I am more motivated to go to the library since it’s so close.
  • Convenience: Living off-campus means having to deal with the land-lord, annoying roommates, and maintenance issues, all on your own. However, living in a dorm means you can always reach out to someone else to deal with the annoying issues. Loud roommate? Talk to your RA. Run out of toilet paper at 2 AM? The front desk has your back. I personally hate having to confront people, or be an adult in any way at all, so if you’re not ready for so many responsibilities at once, living in a dorm can be a good transition point.
  • Social Life: Since traditionally freshmen live in dorms, that’s where social life most flourishes. Unlike upperclassmen, freshmen typically want to make new friends and be all cheery and chirpy. Dorms also have hall governments that organize various events to facilitate socializing among the residents. You can also suggest any event ideas you have. They can be anything like board games, taco night, movie night, pizza night, discussions.
  • Academic Success: Living on-campus means having convenient access to study lounges, libraries, and other classmates. I think you are also less likely to skip classes since you’re so close.

I would highly recommend freshmen to live on campus. The social aspect of living in a dorm is definitely superior to living off campus, and as freshmen this is a perfect environment to make new friends.

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