How to get an on-campus job?

As I have already said in countless of my blogs, going to college means having to manage your own finances. Oh the sorrow! Usually this also means having a part-time job. I tried to find statistics on what percent of undergraduate students work part-time, and the number my google search came up with was 85. However, it does not specify if this is just for undergrad, or grad as well. Either way, this is a huge number. I have around 5 friends, and I know around 30 people, and almost all of them work part-time. So that number seems pretty reflective of U of Cincy to me.

International students can only work on-campus, so this blog focuses on getting an on-campus job. I currently have 2 on-campus jobs that are in different departments, and my friends also work in different departments. So I will try to draw from our experiences to be as comprehensive as possible.

The best way to find an on-campus job is to reach out to your network. Your network could mean your friends, your classmates, your professors, your advisers – basically anyone you know on campus. They might either be able to point you in the direction of a job opening, or connect you to departments that are hiring. This is how I heard about one of my positions on campus.

U of Cincy also has a job search website that you can use to apply to current openings. This website tells you if the position is for a student worker or a work-study student. Only domestic students are eligible for work-study awards, hence those positions are reserved for them. As international students, you would only apply for student worker positions.

Also keep an eye on your school email. Departments and colleges usually send out emails regarding student worker positions. For example, that’s how I applied for the Teaching Assistant position in Chemistry. The department sent out an email to eligible students asking them to apply. I also periodically receive emails about other student worker positions.

Every spring, Campus Services also hosts an on-campus job fair. I would highly recommend going to this fair at the end of your freshman year, so that you can apply for jobs for the next academic year, or even summer.

Good luck finding a job, and being an adult!

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