“Yi”ster Bunny

Last Saturday, I joined the volunteering event held by UC International. Our mission was to help economically disadvantaged children have wonderful Easter at a local church. There were face-paintings, games, crafts, and Easter candies. And guess what? I was dressed up as the Easter Bunny.

When I received the sign-up email from UC International and saw the information that there was an opportunity for one of us to dress up as the Easter Bunny, I immediately replied and said “Yes! I want to be the Easter Bunny!” Then, I went on YouTube and searched “what does Easter Bunny mean?”

It was my first time to wear a costume. Kids LOVED Easter Bunny (except for one kid who cried when he saw the big rabbit walking around). Believe me, I had never been so popular among kids for my entire life. If it was not that hot inside, I would rather wear the costume for the rest of my life.

When Kids Saw the Easter Bunny

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