Events at the U of Cincy: Zipline & Ice-cream!

Yes, you read that right! Every year, PAC (Program and Activities Council) hosts a zip-line event and I think it’s one of the coolest things ever. Okay, maybe not every year, but ever since I came to UCincy this has been a thing, and boy, am I grateful.

Where else can you walk out of class, grab some free ice-cream, nonchalantly go zip-lining with friends, and then go back to class?

I gathered a bunch of my friends and pestered them until they agreed to walk with me to Sigma Sigma Commons (it’s just a grassy area on campus) and we stood in line to get ice-cream from this cute little ice cream truck!

After we were done with our mid-day sweet snack, we went ahead to zip-line. I know zip-lining on a college campus seems quite sketchy, but I promise it’s fun!

so so so fun!

You can read here about our other events.

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