Events at the U of Cincy: Self-love Showcase

Last week, a group of friends and I organized and hosted an event called Self-Love Showcase on campus. All of us are members of a leadership program called Women in Leadership and Learning, so we hosted this event in conjunction with the Women’s Center on campus.

The Self-Love Showcase was a platform for students, staff and faculty to express themselves in whatever way they like, surrounding the theme self-love and self-care. It was an open-mic format, but we had some students sign up ahead of time as well.

We had a wonderful turnout, with students performing stand-up comedy, spoken word, and music. We also had some amazing art submissions that everyone got to see!

U of Cincy has a lot of avenues for you to be able to organize and host events like this one. As long as your event has a worthwhile purpose and passionate people behind it, there will definitely be an office on campus that will help you bring your vision to reality!

You can read here about our other events.

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