Events at the U of Cincy: Comedy Hypnosis Show

Last night, the Programs and Activities Council hosted a Comedy Hypnosis Show featuring Michael C. Anthony.

He had the volunteers fall asleep on the stage, and wake up with a snap. I could use a nap like that.

It was a great show! One of my friends volunteered to go up on stage, and it was so much fun to watch her, and everyone else embarrass themselves.

Look at those dance moves.

At one point, Michael had one of the volunteers dance with a mop. He had her believe that the mop was one of the cutest boys she’s ever seen. Quite honestly, it was one of the most beautiful performances I have seen in a while.

Have you seen a better dancing mop?

Personally, I am quite skeptical about hypnotism. If you aren’t so sure either, you will be able to watch a live show and tell for yourself. Or maybe, even better, you can volunteer to be hypnotized and know for sure!

You can read here about our other events.

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