My Favorite Things to do Near Campus on a Student Budget

It’s no surprise that being a college student means managing your own finances. I do not understand where my money goes! Yes, I am aware that I can check my bank statements, but I am telling you money math does not work like regular math. At least for me.

In light of my ever ensuing money problems, I present to you my favorite things to do around campus on a student budget:

$5 Tuesdays at AMC Theater

AMC is the largest movie theater chain in the world. There is one close to campus, and on Tuesdays standard movie showings only cost $5, which is half of what it usually costs. IMAX and Dolby cinema also offer $5 off, which comes to around $10. I think we all know, and hate, that popcorn and drinks cost an arm and a leg at the movies, but on Tuesdays, you can buy a small pocorn and soda combo for $5. $5 Tuesdays for the win!

$2 free movies at TUC Cinema

U of Cincy has a movie theater on campus at TUC, which is the student center. Movie tickets cost only $2, and sometimes they are free! They are not the newest movies, but imagine this: It’s a Tuesday evening. You and your buddies don’t want to do homework. You also don’t want to spend hours trying to agree on something to do. What do you do? You watch whatever they’re showing at TUC, that’s what.

Cheap Drinks + Free Popcorn and Hot Dogs + Free Games at Murphy’s

Murphy’s is a bar that is at a walking distance from campus. It’s quite popular among U of Cincy students, and I believe its customer base is exclusively made of U of Cincy students. They have some amazing deals on drinks, and have karaoke nights! They have some games as well like darts, pool, and another weird game that’s like pool but not really. Also, they ALWAYS have free popcorn and hot dogs. Always.

Free Fitness Classes + Climbing Wall + Swimming Pool at the Campus Rec

Our campus recreation center not only has an extensive set of workout equipment, but also has a climbing wall and 2 swimming pools. The climbing wall can be a fun activity, or chilling in the hot tub is fun too. My friends like to play that ball game at the pool that’s like basketball, but I just like to sit in the hot tub. Also, there are some fun fitness classes like yoga, hip hop dancing, zumba, cycling, and more!

Museums + Carew Tower

There are a couple of museums around campus, some of which are free. Some of them require you to buy tickets, but they won’t be too expensive. The Carew Tower is also pretty cool; it is the tallest building in downtown Cincinnati and shows you great views of the Ohio River. For around $5, you get to go all the way to the top and get a good view of Cincinnati. It’s like the Empire State Building, but not really.

I hope you make financially sound decisions, but have fun all the same!

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