Farewell, Spring Break

I love Spring Break. It takes place during the second half of the Spring semester when I am already tired of school and can’t wait to take a break. For this spring break, I went to Smoky Mountains in Tennessee with International Friendship. Inc. FYI, I was bragging about my travel plan all the time until I knew Tosha was going abroad. o(╯□╰)o

It was a four-days trip. After sitting in the car for five hours, we arrived at the Smoky. The winter in Cincinnati was too long that when I finally saw some green grass and green leaves from the mountains, I was thrilled: spring was indeed coming. Our group stayed in the Crestview Lodge, a beautiful cabin, which resides in the middle of the mountains. It had a huge game room, theater room, and a large kitchen.

By simply opening the window, I could enjoy the breathtaking scenery. I greeted and embraced every sunrise and sunset during these four days.

We went hiking, solved puzzles, played board games, and shared horror stories around camp fire during the night.

My best experience was having my sandwich besides a cascade. I simply sat there, watched the stream flow, and listened the gurgling sound of the streams of water for hours. There was no other noise. My mind became calm and balanced. Aw, the power of the nature.

Generally, the Great Smoky Mountains is a great place to visit, to relax, to forget all troubles and annoyances for a while, then, to be better prepared for challenges ahead. Farewell, Spring Break!

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