Mexico for Spring Break? Sure, why not?

It is a well-known fact that students are on the brink of dropping out by the time spring break comes around. Spring break is essentially the life jacket the university throws us seconds before we drown in stress.

Based on some complex calculations, I determined this year was my last spring break where I could vacation without a care in the world. Since that calls for something interesting, I decided to go to Mexico with two of my friends.

Our first stop was Cancún, the hub of tourists. The Hotel Zone in Cancún is a strip of tourist hotels, where most of the locals speak English, the clubs are POPPING, and the beach is pretty much right across the street.

Our next stop was Playa del Carmen, and this place felt a lot more like real Mexico, because it had fewer tourists out and about. The highlight of Playa del Carmen was La Quinta Avenida, or Fifth Avenue. An entire street, buzzing with life. It’s considered the most important street in the area, probably because this is where they make the most money by ripping off tourists.
As long as you don’t fall for one of the shopkeepers’ gimmicks, it’s definitely a place to see, at least to experience the buzz. Also, our hostel was literally two blocks away from the beach, where the alley just randomly opens up into a view of the ocean, and Playa del Carmen is named rightfully so (‘playa’ means beach in Spanish).

Tulum was the next destination. This place was also way less tourist-y than Cancún (on second thought, everywhere is less touristy than Cancún. ) We stayed in a hostel that was low-key but also close to the main road. We were there for Benito Juarez’s birthday celebration at the local park, where there were some impressive cultural performances, involving prolonged human contact with literal fire.

We also went to Chichen-Itza (Mayan ruins), one of the seven wonders of the world. I was pretty much blown away by ancient people’s intelligence by the time I left. Oh, and the number of street vendors there. Besides this, we also visited the Tulum and Coba ruins, the latter of which can be climbed – so that’s fun!

Mexico is definitely a place you should visit if you get a chance. It’ll give you the vacation you really need. Honestly, I’m still recovering from my ‘holiday hangover’.

P.S: There are a ridiculous number of gelato places in Mexico. In case you wanted more reasons to go.

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