Surviving -18 C!

Hey Google, what’s the current temperature in Cincinnati. Google: It’s 2 deg C in Cincinnati right now, but feels like -7 deg C due to wind chills.

It is early morning, and I’m watching the moon set over while at the same time I’m preparing myself for the long day. Switching on the room lights, I rush to take a quick shower and then head back to grab a quick bite. As I step outside the Daniels lobby, I see the white layers of snow all around and steam rising from the side of the building. Yeah that’s sounds beautiful but it isn’t fun if I’m a early morning person.

I come from the northern part of India where the minimum temperature goes to 2 C or 0 at max. So coming to Cincinnati’s minus digit temperature was a big change. At times the temperature went below -10 C couple of times. Moreover, there is this something odd about Cincinnati’s weather. Temperature can fluctuate by more 10 C within a period of 24 hours. For instance, today if it is -5 C, tomorrow it is 5 C, don’t be surprised!

So what do you do keep yourself warm through the semester?

  1. Firstly, almost all the places and building at UC are air conditioned. You don’t need to worry about cold once you are inside the building.
  2. Layer it up! As I told you that all the places are air conditioned, so you might want to wear clothes in layers because once you enter the building you will sweat if you have your jacket on.
  3. Stay warm, eat warm! Classes can be hard and at times very energy consuming, so you might want to keep your fit and healthy. Therefore, when it comes to winter, I mostly prefer to eat and drink warm, it keeps me going throughout the day.
  4. Lift some weights! UC has state of art Rec Center. It has all basketball courts, squash and a full functioning Gym. Working out will not only keep you fit but also warm. Since my schedule is quite busy during the day, I usually go to the Gym around 7 pm.
  5. Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy the snow.

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