Student 2.0!

Do like working part-time while attending classes? How about working as a teaching assistant for a subject that you love? Do you like speaking with new people and writing blogs about your college experiences, maybe then you would love the job of a college ambassador. But the question is, should you work part-time or not? And if you ask me, it will be a big Yes. I believe working part-time as a student has made me more responsible as a student and has taught me time management. Moreover, it doesn’t hurt to have extra money as it always helps you cover small college expenses. But I think the best part about working during college is that it gives you a taste of what independence feels like, and what’s it like to earn your own money aka another version of you, the Student 2.0!

A bit about me, currently, I work as an International Ambassador along with six amazing ambassadors. We represent UCincinnati in different countries and try to communicate with prospective students. Tosha, who is one of our ambassadors, a 3rd Year Computer Science at UC, shares her experience about working on-campus. I hope her answers give you a better idea of on-campus jobs at UC. Cheers for her!

1.      Define your job? What do you do and, how did you get this job?

I work as an International Ambassador, and I help recruit students to the University of Cincinnati. I also help create content for the blog.
I got the job by applying when there was a vacancy.

2.      Did you know before entering college that you would work on campus? Did you have previous work experience in school?

Yes, I knew I could work on campus and it was my dream to work as an International Ambassador. I did not have much previous work experience aside from a technical internship after 12th.

3.      How has your current job helped you grow as a person?

Working as an ambassador has made me very well versed with university information. I know more about UC than I ever intended. I have also developed an ability to make connections with different kinds of students and help them get to the resources they need. I’ve become more comfortable talking to people I don’t know about my life.

4.      What are the best things and opportunities you had while working on this job?

One of the best parts of working this job is the opportunity to bring your best talents to the table. Although the biggest aspect of the job is networking, each of us has an opportunity to do other things we like. I love writing and never get an opportunity to do so in my classes, so the job of writing blogs is perfect for me!

5.      What other jobs would you prefer to be a part of apart from Ambassador job?

I have also been a TA in the past, and while it was super challenging, I enjoyed it a lot! I would love to be a Chemistry 1 TA.

6.      Do you have any advice for incoming students about on-campus employment in general?

Incoming students, be active in your on-campus job search. Getting a job is not instantaneous always. Talk to people, build a network. Also, once you get a job, don’t work more hours than you can handle. Your health and coursework are more important.

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