Spring Break 2019

In my not-so-humble opinion, spring semester is so much longer than fall. Technically, I am wrong because they last the same duration, but spring semester does FEEL like it lasts forever. So by the time spring break comes around, I am READY for a break. We are all ready for a break, and we have been ready for quite a while.

This spring break, all I wanted to do was live the Netflix, Naps, and Nachos Life because I NEEDED it. But did I? No. Why? Because my friends are annoying, and I give in to peer pressure very easily.

So we ended up doing a road trip to Washington DC through the Appalachian trail. I pretty much slept throughout the ~8 hour car ride to the Appalachian, waking up only for our McDonald’s stops. We chose a pretty easy trail because my friends knew that I would not stop complaining if we chose anything else. There was a cool water fall at the end of the trail!

The actual water fall was obviously much bigger and better, but I don’t have any pictures because I like to enjoy nature without my phone screen. (My phone died.)

DC was pretty great too. A lot of walking was involved, so heads up if you ever travel to DC. We did a lot of the touristy things like taking pictures in front of the White House, which is sort of creepy if you really think about it. That’s someone’s house. People could be doing house-y things in there. We also went to the Capitol Building and the Library of Congress.

I think the coolest thing from this trip was being inside the actual dome of the Capitol Building. Also fun fact, apparently President Washington was supposed to be buried underneath the Capitol Building. Even though he wasn’t, the tomb is still underneath the building.

This is the most Game of Thrones-y library I have ever been to. People were just casually working on their laptops like it was no big deal.

We also went to this one bar that had a free stand-up show! Love free things, and love comedy!

Speaking of things that are not free, something that truly annoyed me was how EXPENSIVE everything in DC was! Sure, it’s the capital, so it’s bound to be expensive. But even McDonald’s was almost twice as expensive!

Overall, this was a pretty fun trip. I even had some time to live the Netflix, Naps, and Nachos life after. Because I don’t drive, I got to nap the entire time while we were driving as well. Also another fun fact, my friend had to use his phone as a mobile hotspot because he had to work on an assignment in the car, haha.

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