The Last Trip — Seattle

The first impression of Seattle was elegance in March. This landscape is accompanied by the city, but also synonymous with high technology, Microsoft and Boeing two major companies are here. Although located in the west but has that kind of culture flavor from Eastern city. The city is small but vibrant, and the main attractions are relatively concentrated, perfect for 2-3 days of excursions. If there is plenty of time, the surrounding Olympic National Park is also a good place to stay. This is the just-concluded spring break trip, time for 2019/3/22–3/25.

Weather choice: Seattle is a place that it’s raining all year around, but there are more indoor attractions, so it does not affect the excursion. Because of the latitude of the relationship, winter is very cold, or it’s better to choose Summer to travel. By this time, the rainy season has passed, Seattle is very beautiful with sunshine. In addition, if you want to see cherry blossoms, you must come in March or April.

Parker Market, built in 1907, is the busiest tourist spot in Seattle Farmer. The lobby on the first floor has the most attractive activity – throwing. There are a variety of buskers, but also a good place to eat, the first Starbucks is also located here.

Eillott Bay’s Port Shore Pier has many restaurants and it is a great place to dine, where two restaurants are recommended, all of which are highlighted on Yelp, the Crab Pot and Elliott’s Oyster House. Seattle is dominated for seafood, so it’s all seafood-based restaurants. What we chose was the Crab Pot (30/per), which came to Seattle had to be tasted.

The Glass Art Gallery, which includes a large number of Chihuly glass artwork, is an unparalleled visual feast

The University of Washington. cherry blossoms. Spring is a rare beauty when cherry blossoms bloom.

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