Events at the U of Cincy: International Taste


Welcome to my new blog post series: Events at U of Cincy. I figured you might be curious to learn more about things other than academics that go on here. So I present to you one of our super popular events: International Taste.

As you can tell from the video, we love International Taste. I mean *free* food from so many different countries. Who wouldn’t love it?

International Taste is one of U of Cincy’s annual events, which takes place every spring semester in the TUC Great Hall. It features tabling booths from the different ethnic organizations on campus. The student groups share their culture, games, and most importantly, good food. Some student groups also participate in dance and music performances. And of course, there is always a fabulous DJ who plays great international music!

I hope to catch you at the next International Taste, eating good food and dancing to some fire tracks! Maybe you will be hosting a table of your own to share your culture!

You can read here about our other events.

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