The International Co-op Program

I say this a lot. Probably too much. Still, I’ll say it again.
Coming to the University of Cincinnati unlocks a lot of other opportunities for you.

One such interesting program is the ICP, or International Co-op Program.

The International Co-op Program gives students an opportunity to learn a new language and work abroad. Working abroad is a game changer for any resume, because it shows your motivation and willingness to adapt.

Right now, ICP is offered in Japanese, German, French and Spanish speaking countries. One of the program requirements is to actually learn the language before going there, so I am currently learning Japanese! The official classes haven’t started yet, but I taught myself the ‘alphabet’ and can read like a very young child.

This program is open to ALL majors, but if you are in a traditional co-op major like Engineering and design, you’ll have to complete their first three co-ops in the US, and do ICP for your two rotations.

The program is a little strict in its requirements, which is why I’d recommend that you speak to your advisor as early as possible (in your first/second year) so that you can get all the course and co-op planning out of the way. Usually, the university is willing to work with you if you have a special case, and that’s what I love about all the faculty involved in ICP.

I’m going to be honest. I’m a little biased towards this program because I want to do it myself, but give me one good reason why it’s a bad idea.

You learn a new language, you meet new people, you immerse yourself in a new culture, and you get work experience in another country? Sounds good to me.

If you’re curious to learn more, check out this link for program requirements and here to read about alumni experiences!

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