How I Apply for Study Abroad Program?

As a student for studying International Business, the basic course is to study abroad. Actually, I noticed that most UC students would choose to study abroad in Lindner Business. The reason is much simpler, UC offers a huge variety and number of programs, and college is the most affordable time to do it as students have a lot of resources.


Go to the website

When we start with Lindner Business, we can find Study Abroad in the first column, click theUndergraduate Study Abroad Program. Therefore, it will show many different programs. I remembered I got surprised when I looked at it, and each program will sign for the corresponding major, the duration time, the deadline and of course the location.

Go to Study Abroad Office

Study Abroad Office just located on the second floor in Lindner Business College, students can drop at a specific time. The officers at the front desk will ask you what you are looking for, but if you just get a start, don’t worry! You can tell your ideas to the officers, and they are friendly to help you.

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 10.51.16 AM


Once you are already selected a program, then you can go to the Study Abroad website to sign up an account and join your program! There would be some normal questions that you need to answer, if you have any questions, call Study Abroad Program or email them.

Go to pre-departure session

There is a mandatory meeting for any students who apply for study abroad program. The officers will talk about some precautions such as safety, health, and culture difference. It’s a good opportunity to know more information that students may face during study abroad.

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