Research @ Cincinnati

Photo by Vital Sinkevich on Unsplash

University of Cincinnati is one of America’s top public research universities, and that is reflected in the number of opportunities students have to take part in research.
There is a common misconception that research is only open to students in pure science fields, but we have research programs for students from any major.

UC has a ton of connections for options of summer programs. These are usually paid positions, and can be very competitive. However, there are options for a huge range of majors at various universities and organizations! Click here to find the summer program you’re most interested in!

Although there are lots of summer programs, you might be looking to research in the fall or spring, and your research interest might lie outside places that are hiring. In this case, take initiative!
Look online and check out research that is going on in your area of interest and people who work in that lab. Contact them to say you’re interested in speaking to them about your research! The pay for these opportunities is usually shaky, but they help you build relationships with people in your field of interest, and also lay a strong foundation of experience and initiative that will help you stand out among others! Have a look here for more details on how to contact professors for that research opportunity of your dreams.

Pranita, an international ambassador, has also taken part in research! Read more about her experience here.



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