Outside the Academic World

I am a Computer Science major, but that doesn’t mean I spend all my free time in my room, coding. I spend all my free time in my room, painting.
It can be hard to balance your hobbies with your academic interests during the school year, so I focus most of my energies on my hobbies during the break. I have an art Instagram @thefaketosha where I post photos of my watercolor work and art journal. I’ve made some amazing friends through this site, and I met one of them (@sunnygoesbananas) for the first time this past December.

Our original plan was just to meet and journal together, but this somehow grew into the idea of hosting an art workshop. Neither of us had done it before, but we knew we wanted to do it.

We spent the next two weeks scouting for locations, asking for prices, and deciding on our fees. We discovered a hidden gem called Lahe Lahe and booked out our space. Three days before the workshop, Sunny and I met for the first time and we created the workshop plan. I was super excited at this point.
Our biggest fear was that nobody would show up, since we aren’t really big names in the art community. To our surprise, our workshop was printed in the local newspaper!

We hoped that this would draw more people in, and it seems like it did. Seven people showed up to our workshop!

The workshop was one of the most thrilling things I did in 2019, and it was 100% out of my comfort zone. Sure, I like doing art, but I have never thought of teaching it or guiding other people.

Anyway, the point is, don’t feel restrained by your major or academic interest, and take a shot to dive into unchartered territories. Cheesy, I know.

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