Which housing option do I choose?

Hello Bearcats!

If you are starting school next year, and are in a pickle about which housing option to pick, I have some insider info for ya! *wink wink* By insider, I mean me because I have been living on campus for 3 years now.

As freshmen, you are required to live in campus housing. I say campus housing, and not on-campus, because technically some campus housing can also be off-campus. U of Cincy has so many options to offer, which makes picking one difficult. Here is a set of Q&A that might answer some of your questions.

What are the dorms like? 

Great question! Some of the dorms are apartment-style. They have a full kitchen, a shared bathroom, a shared living room, and either shared or single occupancy bedrooms. There are also some studio apartments that are either shared or single occupancy. Some of the dorms are more traditional with shared rooms. Some of these traditional dorms have a small kitchenette with a microwave and a fridge. Some of the traditional dorms have shared bathrooms per apartment, while some have shared bathrooms per floor. There are detailed descriptions of the specific halls on the university’s housing webpage. All of the dorms have a lounge for dorm events, or just hanging out.

What do they look like though?

Another great question! Since most international students are not able to tour these dorms before deciding on one, this virtual tour might prove helpful. I have seen all of these dorms, and can confirm that the virtual tours are accurate.

Where are the dorms located?

While most of the dorms are spread out within the campus, there are also some that are off-campus. These off-campus “dorms” are not owned by the U of Cincy, but have a certain number of apartments that are set aside for students who apply for housing through the university’s housing portal. As freshmen, these “dorms” are also available to you.

Where exactly do you mean by on and off-campus though?

Check out this map of our main campus. The ones circled in red are apartment-style dorms. The dorms in blue are more of the traditional dorms. The ones in green are the closest off-campus “dorms.” Stratford Heights is a whole bunch of houses, while U-Square is apartment-style. The buildings circled in yellow are the dining halls.


Some of the other off-campus housing options are not on the map. They are located around campus at convenient distances, and are all apartment-style. You can look up their locations on the university’s housing webpage. There are free shuttles that run all day between campus and off-campus housing.

What factors should I consider when choosing a dorm?

Here are some things that you can consider:

  • Distance: If you like to roll out of bed 15 minutes before class, and make it on time, you might want to live in a dorm that is the closest to your college. Or if you want to be closer to bars and restaurants, you might want to pick one of the off-campus ones. If you have a meal plan, you might want to be closer to the dining halls.
  • Amenities: Since the dorms have different amenities, you should consider what you are looking for in your new home away from home. If you prefer to cook, some dorms have a full kitchen. If you would like your own room, some dorms have single rooms.
  • Special-Interest: Some of the dorms have floors that are reserved for specific groups. If you are in a Learning Community, you can choose to live with other students in the Learning Community. If you are in Honors, or CCM, or DAAP, you can choose to live with other students with the same affiliations.
  • Cost: Cost can be a significant factor in deciding where to live. Check the university’s housing page for the housing rates.

Will I know my roommates?

The housing application lets you log back in, and check who your roommate is, once you have a roommate. It is then up to you if you want to reach out to them and get to know them. If you are coming to school with other friends, or would like to room with someone specific, you also have the option to choose your own roommate. Alternately, the housing application lets you see other students’ housing profiles, and you can choose to room with someone whose profile you like.

These are all the questions that I could think of. If you have other specific questions, feel free to email one of us ambassadors! You can even reach out to the housing office at uchousing@uc.edu.

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