Chili? Why not?

I have seen a lot of Cincinnati people being crazy about Skyline Chili, and it has become the signature of this city. I was wondering how good it was, so I brought this up with one of my friends, who was a huge fan of Skyline. I just asked him two questions on what he thought about chili and if there was anything specific that made him love it that much, and then he seriously gave me a speech. He talked about it with his whole passion, and we went to have Skyline right after that. And yeah! I actually fell in love with this! Huge credit for who took me to Skyline, I’ve been craving for this a lot since then, and it will be missed the most if one day, I am not at UC anymore.

I really like how fast I can get the food and also how much I can get. The taste is also phenomenal, I would say. I always have the four-way which has onions and cheese on it and then put some Tabasco sauce to give it some extra kick. I normally order a large and a coney dog on the side is the must-have and that fills me up very good. I am not a big fan of regular chili, but this stuff is actually good. The main reason I think it’s better than other chili is because it is served on top of pasta, which makes it more filling instead of me just slurping on some chili. I am pretty sure that they add chocolate and maybe some cinnamon in it too, which are awesome, and the mountain of cheese, I could eat it all day! Skyline Chili is also delicious as leftovers as the chili seeps into the pasta and just fuses so nicely.

I think I should stop talking now and go get Skyline instead. If you haven’t tried it, it’s time to have some!

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